Weekly Challenges

A while ago my sister did a photo a day for a year and I thought I would try to do something similar so I’ll be attempting to write a short story a week. They’re all going to be collected together under Le Cirque Des Moirai (Points for anyone who can translate that) and I will publish the newest one every Thursday.

I’ve given myself a head start and written up the first one already:

The Tower

As a side note I’ve also written an introduction to the collection, which you find by clicking on the menu title, or the link just below. It’s a short story in and of itself, so look at that first:

Les Cirque Des Moirai

My Short Stories and Faerie Tales also have an introduction, but they’re really boring so you can skip em.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Challenges

  1. Alex says:

    The Circus Of the Night? how many points do i get?

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