Weekly Story: The Star

A cloudless sky unveiled a sweeping view of pinprick stars across its navy surface. Pale, grey light played on the hills and valleys below. The peaceful quiet of the night seeped over the countryside. A village, a few miles distant, emitted an orange glow as a bonfire filled its center and tiny black figures crowded around it.

A boy, nearly a man, of no more than fourteen or fifteen years of age, stumbled through a hedgerow into a field far from the main road to the village. He trudged onwards at the slow pace of exhaustion, sweat drying on his body and tightening his skin. Dust and dirt had kicked up over his sandals and simple trousers; streaks of it ran across his face where he had previously wiped away the sweat and tears.

This is just the opening of the short story, if you would like to continue reading, it has its own page in the menu and this link here:

Short Stories -> Le Cirque Des Moirai -> The Star


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