Weekly Story: Strength

Rain tore into the desiccated earth, splattering mud over the boots and shoes of the trudging mass of people. It plunked on the helmets and mail of the soldiers and bit at the scalps and shoulders of the slaves.

Brigid marched at the head of the women’s train, head bowed to protect her eyes from the downpour and to avoid eye contact with the soldiers who dotted the pathway ahead. Her feet sunk into the ground where the mud sought to pluck away her worn sandals.

Edit: The story has been neatly organised onto its own lovely page where you can continue reading it here:

Short Stories -> Le Cirque Des Moirai -> Strength


2 thoughts on “Weekly Story: Strength

  1. lolly101lu says:

    In my head I imagined this was back in gladiator times. It was quite racy :0)

    • L.P. Mergle says:

      I didn’t establish a particular time period, it is a pre-gunpowder era as the soldiers were armour and there is no mention of guns, though that is also vague. As I wrote it I was thinking of a more medieval setting, however the classical Roman period would also work, I have a mind to look into the silver mining trade and its origin and peak in time now.

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