Weekly Story: The Fool

This week’s story is now up. It’s a short passage about a boy called Nallegam who has travelled across dimensions to begin a journey of discovery and finds himself accosted by some viking-esque blokes. 

For anyone who doesn’t know I put the stories on their own pages and use these posts as a means to announce updates on new stories. This one can be found here, or you can look through the menu on the left and pick anything you fancy reading. I’m very open to feedback and discussion whether complimentary or criticising so do comment.

And to save you hunting for the story to see if you like it here’s the first two paragraphs:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so they say. Nallegam’s journey had started with an audible pop followed by a powerful gust of wind rather like standing in a wind tunnel. His journey also was not of a thousand miles, though he might eventually cover that far, but of five trillion Tegmarkobytes.

He breathed in the fresh, fragrant air and fancied he could feel the purity of it sweep through his respiratory system. In actual fact he could tell little difference between it and that of his homeworld, though often he was told that the air of home was a pale, corrupted imitation. Supposedly it was filled with stray particles produced from the various industrial production methods. Though it was still a far cry from the pollution produced a few hundred years earlier, before people knew anything of the possibility of environmental harm.

Continue reading here.


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