Weekly Story: Temperance

Another week and another fantasy short story for my readers. Temperance can be found on its own page here.

If you’ve been paying attention you might have noticed that I’ve been naming each of my short stories I post every week after tarot cards. There’s two reasons for this and frankly one of them is that I’m too lazy to come up with story titles, an aspect of writing I find surprisingly difficult. The other reason is that I have been drawing my inspiration from the cards trying to craft my stories either around the image on the card or on the themes and meanings of the cards.

This week was the Temperance card and I took from it a suggestion of the marriage of two things, whether of people of a combining of objects. That initially led me to involve alchemy, something which to my mind (In a fantasy universe) is a means of combining science and magic and would typically involve doing scientific things through magical means, like combining chemicals. The theme of marriage reminded me of a classical greek myth about a statue whose sculptor wishes for her to come to life and marries her. I decided to combine this with the alchemy idea and have the protagonist attempting to create a person right from the get go. Earlier ideas in my head involved the alchemist trying to create a child as he and his wife could not, or the experiment failing, or Galatea giving up her life of mere seconds old to revive the dying alchemist.

Anyway I hope you enjoy it.


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