Weekly Story: The Devil

This week’s story has been posted to a page right here and in the menu.

The tarot card inspiration for this story was The Devil card, and I went with a very literal interpretation of that and decided to simply write a story about a devil. Since the devil is meant to be evil, and I didn’t want to write a story about the one devil that wants to be good as the card implies negative meanings, I tried to come up with ways to have a good guy in the story but focus on the devil, often by making the devil a tempter figure.

My original idea was to have a small child who hears voices that make him or her do bad things, the voices being the devil’s, or that the devil was possessing the child. But this seemed a bit too similar to the demon in my other story The Moon. Then I considered an older character one who worked in partnership with the devil character and who explored the concept of immorality. But then I decided to be a bit more in depth with the devil character and have an element of ‘who is the real monster’. What if it wasn’t the devil making the human do bad things but the other way around. I then threw in a hunter for some action sequences, named him Abel and as you might guess the man in the cathedral though unmentioned is called Cain.

I had originally considered writing this story as a horror, instead of an action thriller with a few dark tones. In that mindset the murdered women were going to have been cannibalised, possibly with gruesome descriptions and I would have played up the devil more having it stalk Abel inside the Cathedral. I didn’t feel dedicated to the genre though so went with my standard prose rather than end up with a half-hearted horror.

Do enjoy reading it and I’d love to hear any thoughts you have.


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