Weekly Story: The Chariot

This week’s story is a little shorter than the others and as usual is on its own page, here, so as not to clutter up my homepage and make scrolling through old posts more difficult than it has to be.

Once again taking inspiration from Tarot cards, this one being The Chariot, I went with the meaning of victory, but also snuck in literal chariots. I decided on a tale of one man wanting victory at any cost and another man filling  a  Jiminy Cricket role and suggesting that victory shouldn’t happen at the cost of other people’s lives. I tried to subvert the expectation that the first man, Titus, would learn the error of his ways and focus somewhat on the cultural expectation of the world he lives in.

Fun fact: I didn’t come up with the character names until after I’d written the story, so in the first draft I had the brother’s names as Jeff and Manylayers.


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