Fan Fiction: The River Skirmish

I’m calling this short story a fan fiction because I’ve based it on the Magic: the Gathering trading card game. I did it as a form of writing exercise, attempting to dramatise the game and describing everything that happens more as if it were an actual battle rather than a card game.

For any Magic fans out there they might be able to pick out the cards I was using, they’re all from the Kamigawa block. As this was something of an experiment I thought I would use my personal favourites and keep them thematically correct, i.e. all from the Kamigawa universe. Nothing happens that did not happen in the card game I recorded my notes from, though I did use some creative licence. For example; I chose not to include planeswalkers, as in the players, but felt it would be better to have the forces arrive on the battlefield rather than be summoned magically and follow orders without question or motivation. Consequently that meant whenever a creature attacked I described them as fighting another creature rather than hitting an invisible life total, so any fighting where a creature isn’t killed is an indication of a direct attack against the other player.

If you’d like to read it it’s right here, but be warned it is essentially just a large fight scene.


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