Chilli Update

Serrano Chilli Plants

My chillis have been growing strong and shortly after my first post about them I repotted them into individual pots. A good haul of six. My dad, who is helping me grow them, made the mistake of getting me to label the plants and I chose to label them with individual names. From left to right: Larry, Pedro, Derreck, Cellia, Geoffrey and Thomasina. They’re named mostly on a whim, but following my Mum’s suggestion one was named in honour of Thomasina Meirs, the Wahaca owner.

Tiny Pedro, as you can see, is the smallest of the plants and I thought for a while he might struggle and die off, but he has been invigourated by the space and is growing strong. Though he is still the smallest of the chillis. The above picture is actually fairly old now and I have a more recent one which shows them all sprouting large, Cellia is the biggest and Pedro the smallest.

Pedro, the Serrano ChilliCellia


Serrano Chillis


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