Green Chilli Fingers


Having grown slowly and steadily over several months my chilli plants have undergone a large growth spurt. The tallest of the plants, Geoffrey, is now as tall as me, having spent the longest time trying to reach even just a metre in height. Most pleasingly, all six plants flowered, sprouting little, delicate white flowers and not long after began to grow chilli peppers. It is quite fascinating to see the peppers growing from within the flowers, eventually knocking off the petals as they grow and sometimes being left with a ‘crown’ created by the decaying remains of the flower on the chilli. The first flower and chilli of my plants I mentioned before. Now that solitary chilli child has dozens of siblings to join it, see below:


In the process of uprighting the chilli plants, they had begun leaning to the side with the weight of the serrano peppers, two peppers had fallen off and I took the opportunity to nibble on the end of one. I was surprised to find it not at all spicy and attributed it to the pepper still being young, and to only nibbling on the fleshy tip of the pepper and not the spicy source of the seeds and other inner workings. According to the great knowledge of the internet the peppers should turn red as they ripen, though it is perfectly acceptable to use them whilst they are green.


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