Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Here we are at last. Not only are my serrano chilli plants happy, healthy and producing ripened red chillis, they’ve been producing an absolute abundance of the things over the last month. I captured the first lot of little red monsters as they turned:

First Red Chillis

The first bunch of these little guys were a bit on the stubby side but as you can see in the picture they were soon followed by some much larger chillis. Very excited as I was I immediately plucked all of the dwarven red ones and had my first meal using homegrown chillis. As it happens I made some quick and impromptu spicy scrambled egg quesadillas.

Little Red Chillis Spicy Scrambled Egg Quesadillas

But that is by far the least of my chilli adventures since I began harvesting them. As I mentioned I have a veritable cornucopia of red and green chillis and have been trying my hand at all kinds of recipes from those made up on the spot, as I’m wont to do, to good old favourites and trying out exciting treats from cookery books. Including some recipes by Thomasina Miers, who’s restaurant the chillis originally came from.

Lots of Red Chillis

Since that first spicy scrambled egg I’ve made fajitas, enchiladas, an incredibly fiery salsa, guacamole, pumpkin ravioli, stir-fried chilli minced beef, radicchio risotto, chilli jam and the incredibly strange tasting tequila and white chocolate chillis (Which I had seen on BBC’s Sweets Made Simple.). I haven’t stopped there though and I still have no shortage of chillis. In the meantime I’ve strung up a few of the peppers to ripen up and dry out for later usage. I’ll be honest, they are almost guaranteed to end up in some chilli chocolate truffles!

Strung Up Chillis Later


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