Short Story: The Exile of Amphitryon

Beginnings_hist_greece copy

This newest short story I’ve written, The Exile of Amphitryon, is taken from my interest and exploration of Greek myth and the first in a series I intend to do detailing the life and exploits of Heracles and trying to, where possible, to stick to the original stories (which in themselves are second-hand knowledge and folklore making this technically impossible). I won’t be running off on my own interpretation and will be trying to keep the stories educational, in mythological terms at least.

Of course I did a lot of researching to build up the finer details of the subject building on the knowledge I already have and consequently this first piece about Heracles doesn’t feature him at all, but is in fact about Amphitryon, Heracles’s father who surprisingly has some exploits of his own to share in the lead up to Heracles’s birth (Though he’s not the father shhhh… don’t tell anyone).

You can find the story in the menu left of here or simply click this link.

As I’ve already mentioned the myths are all folklore, passed on by oral tradition and scrabbled and scrapped together by historians and archaeologists from various different sources. Which means every story has different interpretations despite ultimately having the same results. As the writer of this story I’ve decided which versions to go with, usually based on what I consider the most interesting but for fun I’ve included below the other interpretations I haven’t included.

  • Instead of Anaxo, Electryon is also stated as being married to Lysidice or Eurydice, both daughters of Pelops. Regardless of who the wife is she gives birth to Alcmene and has little  more role in the myth, consequently this only affects whether Amphitryon eventually marries his niece or his cousin.

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