About Me

Welcome to the blog of David Bishop a writer, developed in fiction, non-fiction and scriptwriting with the occasional dalliance in other forms. I graduated from Winchester University with a degree in Creative Writing and I have a science-fiction short story published in a collection, you can find out more about it in my first post.

Most of the stuff you’ll find here are my short stories, they’re a lot less intensive to write than full blown novels and they have enormous potential for new and interesting writing styles or plots. You’ll also probably notice that a lot of the stuff, if not all, is fantasy. It is my favourite genre, I love being able to explore the many possibilities of it. Whether fantasy or not my fiction does range through several other genres such as science-fiction, romance, action and horror.

I’ve written a novel and a sitcom, which you won’t find on here as I’m currently trying to get them published and produced. But rest assured the minute they are you’ll hear about it…a lot.


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