The Makings of a Chilli

I was undergoing my daily chilli plant check, and paying particular attention to the sole flower in bloom on Cellia, when I noticed she’d clearly been visited by a bee and pollinated. Here’s a picture, look closely at the center of the flower:


That right there is the very early beginnings of a chilli pepper. I believe as it grows the flower, having completed its purpose, will die back to reveal the growing chilli. It’s a very exciting moment and I’m looking forward to having this first chilli when it is fully grown.



Time To Chillax



Look at those chilli plants! To think they were tiny, crumb sized, seeds a few months ago that I had brought home from Wahaca. As you can see in the above picture they have flourished and are beginning to ‘bush out’, growing side shoots and increasing the volume of leaves on them. They have been moved yet again into even bigger pots, these are the pots they will stay in from now on.

You might notice that one of them, Derreck, has grown much taller than the rest. This is, presumably, due to my scientific streak. Shortly after repotting the chillis I went away for a week and was concerned that inside the greenhouse they would not have enough water and would wilt and die. The Summer is upon us and it gets very hot in there. Consequently I moved three of the chillis outside to feed on the rain water but left Derreck inside to see how he would cope. When I returned I discovered he grown into a giant! His leaves are darker and larger than the others but are also sparser. I also planted Geoffrey in some home-mulched compost, the rest are in store bought stuff, which may go someway towards explaining why he is a little behind the rest in his growth.

Now I had six chillis, so where are the other two? Look on:


Thomasina has been brought outside to play, she’s growing slower than the rest, which may be due to her smaller pot, but is otherwise happy sunbathing. Little Pedro, very truly the runt of the litter, has been popped into a hanging basket where he is currently undergoing a growth spurt.

One last note, shortly before I came to write this post I had a pleasant surprise. The very first flower has bloomed on my chillis and the honour goes to Cellia. No longer the biggest chilli she is still nonetheless the matriarch and leader of the pack. The rest of the big pot chillis have unleashed a horde of buds, a few of which you can see below, and will soon also bloom. Enjoy the flower:


Chilli Update

Serrano Chilli Plants

My chillis have been growing strong and shortly after my first post about them I repotted them into individual pots. A good haul of six. My dad, who is helping me grow them, made the mistake of getting me to label the plants and I chose to label them with individual names. From left to right: Larry, Pedro, Derreck, Cellia, Geoffrey and Thomasina. They’re named mostly on a whim, but following my Mum’s suggestion one was named in honour of Thomasina Meirs, the Wahaca owner.

Tiny Pedro, as you can see, is the smallest of the plants and I thought for a while he might struggle and die off, but he has been invigourated by the space and is growing strong. Though he is still the smallest of the chillis. The above picture is actually fairly old now and I have a more recent one which shows them all sprouting large, Cellia is the biggest and Pedro the smallest.

Pedro, the Serrano ChilliCellia


Serrano Chillis

Wahacan Chilli’s

I enjoy cooking and for a while now have been working through a Mexican phase inspired entirely by Thomisina Miers and her book ‘Mexican Food Made Simple’. I was thrilled to go to her restaurant Wahaca and taste some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to get the chance to go again.

When we left the restaurant we took with us what we assumed to be matchstick books, as souvenirs left on display outside the entrance. It wasn’t until a few days later that I discovered they actually contained Serrano chilli seeds, on sticks for easy planting. There’s also a guacamole recipe included so that you have something to use the chillies in. I thought it was an incredibly novel idea and have put my less than green fingers to the task with pleasing results. I have four of the five  sticks sprouting and they are growing strong as you can see:

Serrano chillies from Wahaca

I can’t wait to cook with the fruits of my labour, there will be much Mexican food once they have fully grown.



Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Award Sunflowers

I was nominated for this blogging award by englishgameruninhibited, which is very gratifying and a nice ego boost, making me doubly glad I stumbled upon his nice gaming blog.

I tried to look into the origins of the Sunshine Blogger Award but couldn’t turn up much, other than the existence of several possible pictures to display it and, in classic word of mouth fashion, varying rules as it has been passed from one person to another. It seems to be an award for bloggers who have inspired others with their blogging and is a nice pat on the back for us lesser known bloggers.

So the rules as used by englishgameruninhibited:

List ten things about yourself and…
Nominate 10 other bloggers.

Ten things about myself:

  1. I love a fantasy story, it’s why I read it and write it.
  2. I enjoy picking holes in blockbuster movies that get their mythology wrong.
  3. I think games are one of the best storytelling mediums.
  4. I’m scared of heights.
  5. I love Studio Ghibli films.
  6. My favourite film, however, is Labrynth.
  7. I’m more scared of you than you are of me.
  8. The X-Men are my favourite superheroes.
  9. I like cooking.
  10. I can watch episodes of Miranda again and again and never stop laughing.

Ten people I nominate for the Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. – MoreThanABlackCoffeeGirl writes entertaining short stories about her nan, they’re great.
  2. – Lolly101Lu is an artist starting her own business, I admire the dedication it takes to do something like that, plus her watering cans make her blog colourful.
  3. – Yoshiykon blogs A-Zs of things gaming related. He has a lot to say and delivers it well so that it is always a worthwhile read.
  4. – LeftThumbStick blogs about games he enjoys, I love it because it’s not all about modern games, but any he’s enjoyed. And maybe I’m just nosy but I like to check up on his ‘Daily Bytes’.
  5. – Eric is inundated with awards and isn’t accepting them anymore (He’s already got the Sunshine one several times). Consequently I’m not technically nominating him for it, but I felt the need to mention him and his blog as he is incredibly friendly and greatly supportive of new and existing bloggers. He’s also a great writer, so there’s that too.

That’s only five because I haven’t really been blogging all that long.


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Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Review


Something quite different today, I’ve reviewed Epic Battle Fantasy 4 for The Indie Game Review. The game itself is a free flash game in the glorious RPG style that I love. For a more critical review check it out here:

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Review

The Indie Game Review is a new website, it’s only just starting but make sure to check out its blog section for some pretty interesting articles on current Indie Game news. There’s also a Gunpoint review and Trackmania 2 will be coming soon. Both reviewed by the site owner.

Edit: I’m afraid the link is dead, if I do more reviews in future however I will include this one with them.