Welcome to my portfolio, a selection of my work including pieces completed during my Creative Writing degree and my copywriting internship.

The degree was composed of many subject areas covering a range of writing mediums. The subjects covered include: writing and research for non-fiction articles, interviewing, fiction and the various genres therein, writing for target audiences, scriptwriting for both film and stage, essay writing both as critique and evaluation, adopting specific styles of writing including the writing styles of other authors, poetry and poetic forms and writing as part of a group, in particular developing teamwork and discussion skills. I am also adept at proof-reading and copy-editing myself and others’ work.

Published Work

Botanical Engineering – A piece of speculative fiction published in a short story collection as an ebook on Amazon.co.uk here.

Other Work

During my time with advertising agency DDB Mudra Group:

Some copy written for the Bengali television channel Star Jalsha’s magazine.

For Clean & Clear and LIC some press ad ideas.

For McDonalds and Clean & Clear some television commercial ideas.

A press release I wrote for a stage production of Humble Boy.

I copy-edit this small business blog: Colour In Cans.


Additional Activities

Why Having Fun At Work Makes Good Business Sense – A prospective article for a business training website.

The following are some select examples of my work readable here on this blog:

A Speck of Amber – A piece of gothic fiction.

The Lovers’ Knot – A piece of descriptive fiction.

All Creation – A stage script.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Review – A review of a video game.


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