Press Ad Ideas

Clean & Clear:

1, Feel Beautiful, All The Time

Image: At the forefront of the image is a teenage girl striking a pose like a supermodel. She has smooth skin thanks to Clean & Clear and is dressed in high fashion with her hair lightly swept back as if hit by a wind machine. She is stood on a catwalk, which runs through the hallway of an ordinary school. In the background students are depicted as carrying out their daily activities but having turned to stare at the supermodel teen.

Tagline: Feel Like a Supermodel.


2, In The Spotlight

Image: A teenage girl in the dentist’s chair. She is surrounded by reporters with microphones and dictophones. All around the room and poking in through windows are members of the Paparazzi. Despite all the attention the teenage girl looks calm, cool and collected, with Clean & Clear skin.

The press ad could also be at a school, walking down a street, at the dinner table, at the mall.

Tagline: Get the self-confidence to deal with any situation.


3, Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure, Be Self-Confident

Image: A teenage girl, looking like a rockstar with wild hair and punk clothing, out on a street. She is stomping on a packet of cigarettes and with a hand she is smashing a bottle of wine over a handrail, the contents exploding everywhere (But not on her). In the background are other teenagers watching in awe of her.

Tagline: The confidence to say no.


4, Don’t keep the secret, share the wealth.

Image: A girl presenting a bottle of Clean & Clear, tied up with a ribbon, to another girl.

Tagline: Share the secret.


5, Paper Bag

Image: A paper bag, with a sad face drawn on it, abandoned in a bin. (The sort of brown paper bag with holes for eyes used to comically cover a face.)

Tagline: Come out of hiding.


Life Insurance Corporation of India:

1, Secure Future (For a long term life insurance plan)

Image: A child being placed in a child’s car safety seat by a parent.

Tagline: You keep them safe today, so keep their future secure.


2, In the Ocean (For a money back plan)

Image: A man in a boat on an ocean with buoys forming a trail ahead and into the distance.

Tagline: Keeping you afloat all the way.


3, Emergency Supplies (For a money back plan)

Image: Parachutes descending from the sky akin to emergency food drops, instead of food parcels attached to the parachutes are bundles of money.

Tagline: Regular aid, so you never go without.


4, The Long Life of a Tortoise (For an endowment plan)

Image: A giant, Galapagos tortoise sitting on a bed of money.

Tagline: It pays to age.


5, The Young and The Old (For an endowment plan)

Image: An old man asleep in a deck chair on the beach under a parasol and with a child playing on his lap.

Tagline: Relax, it’s sorted.


6, Shark Diving (For an endowment plan)

Image: A man scuba diving in a shark cage with sharks swimming in the ocean around him.

Tagline: Enjoy life with risks.


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