Star Jalsha Magazine Copy

Tumi Aasbe Boley (An upcoming soap announcement)

In keeping with the Star Jalsha motto, ‘Cholo Paltai’, the latest show, Tumi Aasbe Boley, ushers in a change with a unique story of a man, turned father, then husband. This tale of fatherly devotion is interwoven through the tragedy and drama of keeping a family together.

Rahul, a devoted man, suffers guilt over the accidental death of Dripto for which he was responsible. The death brings Nandini, wife of Dripto, and Rahul’s unrequited college love of eight years, for whom he never married, together again.

When Jhumjhumi, Nandini’s daughter, becomes traumatized by her father’s death, Rahul, compelled by guilt to repair the family he tore apart, becomes a father to Jhumjhumi. Though Nandini does not return his love they are soon married; Nandini for her daughter’s sake and Rahul to assuage his guilt.

Together again will love bloom between them? Will Rahul confess his guilt to Nandini? Find out in Tumi Aasbe Boley.


Kiranmala Advertisers’ Meet (An announcement for the premier of Kiranmala)

A Night of Enchantment to be Treasured

Kiranmala, the biggest launch of the year from Star Jalsha, was unveiled at an exciting preview. The grand event took place at The Lalit-Great Eastern, on the 4th July 2014. The new fairytale serial has come from the production house of Nishpal Singh who attended the event with his wife, actress Koel Mullick. The Advertisers of the East were also among the privileged few to view the Kiranmala celebration. The magnificent event began with a special welcome before the true excitement started, the preview screening of Kiranmala. During the event Nishpal Singh and Koel Mullick conversed with the advertisers, Koel expressing her deep fondness for fairytales. The enchanting evening closed with revitilising cocktails and a luxurious dinner.


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