Television Commercial Ideas


1, A Cure for Nerves. (Could be done with a famous musician.)

The advert opens with scenes of Cassie, star musician, performing at large venues and travelling in tour buses. Her music plays as a background for the whole advert.

Cassie V.O.

Playing in front of a huge crowd is an incredible rush and a thrill. You only get the same feeling from stuff like skydiving and bungee jumping.

We get a sweeping view of a concert with a large crowd. We see Cassie lurking in the wings of the stage, she is pacing and appears wracked with nerves.

Cassie V.O.

But just like them, the moment before you go on, you feel so nervous you’re not sure that you can bring yourself to go over the edge. Fortunately for me my roadie has developed a sure fire cure for my nerves over the years.

The camera pans to reveal the roadie behind Cassie. He has put two McDonald’s French Fries in his mouth and is pretending to be a walrus. Cassie turns to see this and laughs. She playfully punches him then runs on stage. We see a few seconds of her performing. Then cut to her bowing and leaving the stage.

On the tour bus Cassie, her band members and crew are all playing with McDonald’s French Fries. Making walrus faces, French fry claws etc. And eating and having fun.

Cassie V.O.

There’s nothing like a bit of fun and a bit of laughs between friends to help keep you calm. And that’s why…

*I’m lovin’ It*


2, The Best Experiences

The advert opens with a man rock climbing with enormous sweeping views around him the sun comes out from behind the clouds and lights up his face, he gives an appreciative ‘aah’. Then we see him enjoying an Egg McMuffin in a McDonald’s, as he takes a bite sunlight sweeps over his face and he lets out an ‘aah’.

We see a woman swimming with dolphins, the dolphins are playfully splashing her and she is laughing. Then we see her in a McDonald’s restaurant where she takes a sip of Coca Cola. She is immediately splashed with water and starts laughing.

We see a man bungee jumping, particularly catching the moment he reaches the bottom of the jump and springs back up, he lets out a yelp at that moment. Then we see him in a McDonald’s. He takes a bite of a McSpicy Chicken burger and his thrown into the air letting out a yelp. He lands back in his seat with an exhilarated expression on his face.

We see a woman snowboarding, scattering a lot of snow as she jumps and turns down a snowy slope. She shouts out ‘Woo’ as he does. Then we see him in a McDonald’s. He takes a spoonful of a McFlurry and a pile of snow drops on top of him and he shouts out ‘Woo’.

We see a man skydiving, his screams are drowned out by the rush of air. Then we see him in a McDonald’s where he eats a McDonald’s French Fry. A Rush of air blows past him, his screams are drowned out by it and his hair is comically swept back.

The advert finishes with the words: One of Life’s Best Experiences.

Cue logo and *I’m Lovin’ it*


3, Breakfast Around the World.

The Advert opens in an Italian home where a family is sitting down to dinner, the mother has served spaghetti bolognaise to everyone else, then she slips back into the kitchen where she has hidden a McDonald’s burger in the cupboard. She takes it out and has a bite. When someone comes in, she slams the cupboard closed and tries not to look like her mouth is full.

In Mexico a man is serving tacos out of his hand cart. When the last person leaves he opens up a second compartment full of McDonald’s burgers and has a bite of one of them. Another customer comes up and in his panic to hide it the Mexican man drops the burger into the sauce.

Next we see inside a sushi restaurant in Japan, a cook has hidden a burger on the counter in the restaurant, where they cook on display. He leans down and takes a bite but is surprised by his boss and tosses the burger unknowingly onto the counter. He then gets a knife and displays his slicing skills, realising too late that he has sliced up the burger.

In a fancy French restaurant a couple are on a date, the waiter has just served them lobster. The man tucks in to his meal, while he isn’t looking the woman slips a McDonald’s burger out of her handbag and takes a bite. She quickly shoves it back in again before the man notices and nods as if the lobster is what she is enjoying.

In Australia we see a barbeque on a beach. A man wearing a tall chef’s hat and comical apron is manning the barbeque. He looks disdainfully at the rather sad looking burgers that are cooking. Then he pulls a McDonald’s burger from out of his chef’s hat and has a bite of that instead, making appreciative noises. Someone comes up behind him for a burger, the chef stuffs his McDonald’s burger back inside his hat and serves him one of the poor quality ones on the barbeque.

The final scene shows a large crowd of stereotypical multi-ethnic people (Native American, French Waiter, British Guard etc.) who are in a McDonald’s. They all shout out in unison…


We’re lovin’ it!


4, Football. (Could be adapted in line with sponsorship of the World Cup)

A group of kids on a football pitch are playing football. They are lackluster about it and do not appear to be enjoying themselves, just kicking the ball back and forth. Another child, Andy, runs up to them and tries to join in, but they refuse him. Dejected he walks away, then he lifts his head up as he gets an idea.

In a McDonald’s restaurant he orders a Big Mac.

Back on the football pitch Andy runs up with his McDonald’s bag and pulls out the Big Mac.


For the winner.

The kids immediately spring into action, letting the child join in. They are energetic and enthusiastic, shooting and saving the ball repeatedly. Then Andy gets hold of the ball, runs up the pitch dodging the other kids, he shoots and he scores. The rest of the kids cheer lifting him up, he is holding the Big Mac and takes a bite.


I’m lovin’ it!

A static image of a Big Mac resting on top of a trophy appears.

Text on screen: Big Mac. Food for winners.


5, Breakfast with my Grandmother.

The Advert opens with a little girl, young Jane, holding hands with her grandmother, who is only just starting to turn grey, and walking into a McDonald’s.

Throughout the advert we hear grown up Jane’s V.O.

Jane V.O.

My grandmother used to treat me to breakfast at McDonald’s. It became a tradition and as I grew older we kept going back. Even now, an Egg McMuffin brings back fond memories. And that’s why…

Cut to the grandmother and girl sat at a table with an Egg McMuffin each in front of them. The grandmother takes out knife and fork, with a recognisable design, from her pocket and begins precisely slicing and eating the McMuffin. This makes Jane point and laugh at the grandmother, who shrugs indifferently. Jane then eats her Egg McMuffin and makes a mess all over her face, which makes the grandmother laugh and Jane stamps her feet in disappointment.

We then see the pair, slightly older, Jane is now a school girl, walking into McDonald’s. They each have an Egg McMuffin and the grandmother again eats it with a knife and fork. Jane shakes her head at this, then bites into hers and the yolk oozes out onto her blouse, which makes the grandmother laugh and Jane grumpy.

We see the pair again, Jane is now in her twenties, going into a McDonald’s. The grandmother has a knife and fork again and Jane shrugs her shoulders. She then picks up her Egg McMuffin, but fumbles with it and scatters it over the table. Jane is disappointed and the grandmother, very elderly now, chuckles.

We see Jane, early thirties, walking past a McDonald’s dressed in business attire and attached to her mobile phone. She glances at the restaurant and decides to go in. We see her with an Egg McMuffin and she takes out of her pocket the knife and fork her grandmother always used.

*I’m lovin’ it*


6, Love Story

The Advert opens with a McDonald’s employee at the cash registers. He is listless, but then he sees, through a window, an attractive girl get out of a car outside. She enters the restaurant, we hear a heartbeat, he sweats and the camera zooms in on him. Just as the girl is about to reach him another customer steps in front of him. The attractive girl gets served by the next employee.

Another day in McDonald’s and the employee is sweeping the floors, he notices the attractive girl is back and is sitting at a table with her order. Stunned by her, he walks towards her, past the ‘slippery floor’ sign he has put up and trips over. Black out.

The next day he is behind the cash register again, now with a black eye. He is watching the girl sitting and eating her McDonald’s. She finishes and leaves, forgetting her purse. The employee leaps into action, grabbing the purse and chasing the girl outside. He is very flustered but hands her the purse. She smiles and makes a phone sign with her hand, the employee smiles back.

*I’m Lovin’ it*


Clean & Clear:

1, First Experience

Throughout the advert we hear Sarah’s Voice Over. It opens with a shot of a theatre stage, the curtain is closed and the audience is just arriving. The scene cuts to images of rehearsal preparation, of the play Romeo And Juliet (an amateur dramatics performance), involving Sarah, who has landed the role of Juliet. She is practicing her lines and movements at home, at the rehearsal room, with friends etc. As the advert continues the scene returns to the stage and the curtains open. A few short clips of scenes involving Juliet, particularly with Romeo too, are shown and as Sarah’s Voice Over ends we see the curtain call, with Sarah smiling and proud.

Sarah V.O.

It was my first time acting on stage. There was an audience and a lot of pressure to get it right. I was so nervous. The one thing I didn’t feel worried about was how I looked. With Clean & Clear my skin was smooth and blemish free which meant I looked good and I felt good. That gave me the confidence to go on stage and to do my best.


2, Feel Beautiful, All the Time.

The advert opens with a girl being woken by her alarm and groggily rising from bed, zombie-like she marches to the bathroom where she applies Clean & Clear. She is revitalised and, feeling like a supermodel, she is seen strutting down the stairs. From this point on she is seen posing as if in a photo shoot.

We see her at breakfast, wind machine on her face and striking several poses with her breakfast bowl and spoon.

Next we see her in the hallway at school, striking poses and looking like a model, as the other students carry on regularly around her.

Next we see her on the sports field, again striking poses this time with a hockey stick (Or other sporting item) in the middle of a game.

We see her standing in the aisle at a cinema, holding a box of popcorn and posing.

Finally we see her back in bed, lounging but still posing and looking beautiful.

Text on screen appears reading: Feel Beautiful All The Time. Clean & Clear.


3, Peer Pressure

The advert opens with four teenage girls in a clothing store. Three of the girls are dressed similarly in fashionable clothing. The other girl is dressed more uniquely with her personal style. The three girls are moving in a group around the store, picking out the clothes they like and admiring them. The other girl finds an item of clothing she likes, similar to the style she is wearing. When she holds it up to show the others they pull horrified faces at it. They then give her something they’ve picked out, which matches their style, and send her to the changing room.

We see her in the changing room wearing the picked out clothes, she is looking in the mirror and feeling awkward in the new clothes. The item she picked out is hanging up behind her.

Cut to, a scene showing the beneficial effects of Clean & Clear. (Unclogs pores etc.)

We then see the girl exit the changing room. She is wearing the item of clothing she picked out. She walks past the other girls, who are looking aghast at her. She is full of confidence and smiling.

Text on screen: The Confidence To Be Unique.


4, In The Spotlight

The advert opens on a classroom filled with students and a teacher at the head of the class.


Amy. Time to present your report.

Amy, a skin blemished teenage girl, gets out of her seat and, carrying her notebook, walks uncertainly to the front of the class. Standing at the head of the classroom the scene is transformed into that of a press conference. The other students become reporters with hundreds of questions and Amy is stood behind a podium with lots of microphones on it. She gulps and looks nervously at the room.


M-m-my r-report, i-is…

Back to the classroom the students are laughing at her. Amy turns and runs out of the classroom.

We then see Amy at home applying Clean & Clear as a Voice Over explains the benefits and scientific benefits associated with it.

We return to the classroom.


Alright, your turn Amy.

Amy, blemish free and full of inner confidence, walks purposefully to the front of the classroom. The scene transforms into a press conference and this time Amy transforms with it, looking like a movie star. She smiles confidently.


My report is on the importance of self-confidence.


5, Sliding Doors

The advert opens on a girl, Jessica, in her bedroom getting ready to go out. She gets up and goes to the door, ready to leave. She looks back at a bottle of Clean & Clear on her desktop

The screen then splits in two vertically. Showing Jessica in both screens.

Jessica 1, carries on out the door her skin blemished.

Jessica 2, turns back and applies Clean & Clear.

Jessica 1 walks into a clothes store and is invited in back for an interview. She is nervous. She is slouched in the chair and keeps checking her face with her hand, the interviewer frowns a lot and makes notes on her clipboard.

Jessica 2 walks into a clothes store and is invited in back for an interview. She sits up straight and confident, easily answering questions posed to her, the interviewer responds well to her.


Jessica 1 is taken into a fast food restaurant with her friends, they order fast food and are enjoying themselves. She doesn’t have anything and struggles to join in the fun.

Jessica 2 is taken into a fast food restaurant with her friends, she joins them in eating fast food and laughs and talks happily with them

Jessica 1 is at a party when she sees her crush across the room. He starts walking in her direction, she panics and hides in a cupboard. The boy carries on walking past.

Jessica 2 is at a party when she sees her crush across the room. He starts walking in her direction. She intercepts him and confidently talks to him.

The split screen ends. We see only Jessica 2 holding hands with her crush and walking down the street.

Text on screen: Clean & Clear & Confident


6, Don’t Give In To Peer Pressure, Be Self-Confident

The advert opens with a group of spotty teenagers behind a building smoking. A girl, with Clean & Clear smooth skin, approaches and they offer her a packet of cigarettes. She takes the box, calmly walks over to a nearby bin and drops in the cigarette packet. She then walks away confidently.

Next we see another Clean & Clear girl at a house party. She is sat on a sofa with a coffee table in front of her and glasses and bottles of alcoholic beverages on it. Her acne prone friends are wildly partying and one of them clumsily pours wine into a glass in front of the Clean & Clear girl. She pushes the glass away, gets up and confidently walks away from the table, she joins the crowd and starts partying without the influence of alcohol.

Next we see a girl pressed against a wall by a boy. He is leaning in for a kiss and stroking her leg. She places a finger on his lips and pushes him back. She walks away confidently.

A three way split screen shows the three previous girls washing their faces with Clean & Clear products, then smiling in the mirror.

Text on screen: Clean & Clear: And In Control


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