Why Having Fun At Work Makes Good Business Sense

This article was written as part of an application for a business training website, I was asked to adopt the existing tone of the website, to focus on a few keywords and to sell the companies focus on ‘gamification’.


Do you remember studying for an important test? What about that time you scored the winning goal in a football match or achieved a high score in a video game? We’re betting your answer is the second one and the reason why? Because it was fun. When a task is fun it becomes more memorable and develops engagement, morale and creativity.

It is not surprising then that fun is the root of any successful business. To put it simply, having fun makes people happy and happy people work harder. If your employees are having fun at work they feel more compelled to complete their tasks and to turn up at work, no more suspiciously common sick days!

Employees who have fun together are drawn together. Many successful businesses organise employee training days focused around playing games as a means of team building. The games develop friendly competition in a fun and playful manner. Enjoyment of the activities lowers social inhibitions and gives them commonalities with which they can connect. When your employees have fun together their ability to work as a team is increased exponentially as they seek to assist one another and enjoy the group work.

When a workplace is fun an employee will strive to work harder and to achieve daily, weekly or monthly targets with ease. Similarly the success of the gaming industry relies on providing its consumers with fun. Fun games bring those consumers back again and again to play. These gamers quickly complete a list of achievements because what they are doing is fun. Through gamification this concept of fun and engagement can be applied to working and learning, creating highly successful environments.

A fun environment reduces the fear of failure. The employees are more confident and less concerned with the consequences of failure when they are in a safe, secure and fun workplace. With this confidence comes better performance in their roles and leads to a greater involvement in the development of the company.

Successful businesses rely on the creativity and ingenuity of their staff. Staff develop their loyalty, focus and teamwork when having fun and this makes them more mentally involved with the success of your company. Involved staff see daily tasks not chores, this will lead employees to develop and offer ideas on increased productivity and reduced waste, ultimately creating a highly successful company.

Clearly then fun is the way forward, so let’s have fun!


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