Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Award Sunflowers

I was nominated for this blogging award by englishgameruninhibited, which is very gratifying and a nice ego boost, making me doubly glad I stumbled upon his nice gaming blog.

I tried to look into the origins of the Sunshine Blogger Award but couldn’t turn up much, other than the existence of several possible pictures to display it and, in classic word of mouth fashion, varying rules as it has been passed from one person to another. It seems to be an award for bloggers who have inspired others with their blogging and is a nice pat on the back for us lesser known bloggers.

So the rules as used by englishgameruninhibited:

List ten things about yourself and…
Nominate 10 other bloggers.

Ten things about myself:

  1. I love a fantasy story, it’s why I read it and write it.
  2. I enjoy picking holes in blockbuster movies that get their mythology wrong.
  3. I think games are one of the best storytelling mediums.
  4. I’m scared of heights.
  5. I love Studio Ghibli films.
  6. My favourite film, however, is Labrynth.
  7. I’m more scared of you than you are of me.
  8. The X-Men are my favourite superheroes.
  9. I like cooking.
  10. I can watch episodes of Miranda again and again and never stop laughing.

Ten people I nominate for the Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. – MoreThanABlackCoffeeGirl writes entertaining short stories about her nan, they’re great.
  2. – Lolly101Lu is an artist starting her own business, I admire the dedication it takes to do something like that, plus her watering cans make her blog colourful.
  3. – Yoshiykon blogs A-Zs of things gaming related. He has a lot to say and delivers it well so that it is always a worthwhile read.
  4. – LeftThumbStick blogs about games he enjoys, I love it because it’s not all about modern games, but any he’s enjoyed. And maybe I’m just nosy but I like to check up on his ‘Daily Bytes’.
  5. – Eric is inundated with awards and isn’t accepting them anymore (He’s already got the Sunshine one several times). Consequently I’m not technically nominating him for it, but I felt the need to mention him and his blog as he is incredibly friendly and greatly supportive of new and existing bloggers. He’s also a great writer, so there’s that too.

That’s only five because I haven’t really been blogging all that long.


Weekly Story: The World

The last story has now been uploaded: The World. Again its title is after the tarot card of the same name, I went with a rather self-indulgent and literal translation of the card. As such the story is not so much a story, but like Wheel of Fortune before it, more of a description or encyclopaedia entry. It describes the world in which all of my Le Cirque Des Moirai short stories have been set, though some stories have vague settings and haven’t been placed. As a side note, the are too many stories to fit neatly in the menu so please either click a direct link or go to the Le Cirque Des Moirai page to find the list of stories.

You might have noticed I called this my last story, that is because I have made my way through the major arcana cards of the tarot from which I was drawing my story ideas. I’m going to take a break and return with a new idea, probably after Christmas, this time focusing on writing episodes following a character and single story, as I have been told that the problem with short stories for many people is that they end before they’ve really gotten to know the characters, is this the case for anyone else?

I am also toying with the idea of continuing story writing for the tarot, using the lesser arcana, but writing them much shorter as flash fiction. I am slightly wary of the medium however as I have never gotten a good grasp of how long, or indeed short, a flash fiction can be, whilst still being considered a flash fiction. Feel free to illuminate me on the subject.

For anyone who is curious as to the placement of my short stories in the countries mention in The World they are as follows:

The Tower, The Magician and Death all take place in The Plains of the Fallen, before they are called that.
The Empress is in the faerie lands, specifically The Land of the Flower Fairies.
The Hanged Man in Samsara.
Justice in Gekh
The Chariot in Vulia, and in the future The Lovers too.
The Hermit in Breton.
Strength and my flash fiction, Magic in the Kitchen, in Deutcheim.
The Devil, Rite to Live and the introduction to Le Cirque Des Moirai, take place in Oerlis.
The Fool in the untamed northern lands.
The Hierophant in the mystical east.
The Star, and my unpublished novel (A little sneak preview), take place in Pheone.
And finally Temperance takes place in Norgardt.

The short stories are staying up and I would be very greatful for any feedback any of my readers can give.

Weekly Story: The Chariot

This week’s story is a little shorter than the others and as usual is on its own page, here, so as not to clutter up my homepage and make scrolling through old posts more difficult than it has to be.

Once again taking inspiration from Tarot cards, this one being The Chariot, I went with the meaning of victory, but also snuck in literal chariots. I decided on a tale of one man wanting victory at any cost and another man filling  a  Jiminy Cricket role and suggesting that victory shouldn’t happen at the cost of other people’s lives. I tried to subvert the expectation that the first man, Titus, would learn the error of his ways and focus somewhat on the cultural expectation of the world he lives in.

Fun fact: I didn’t come up with the character names until after I’d written the story, so in the first draft I had the brother’s names as Jeff and Manylayers.


Welcome to the website of writer David Bishop, also known as L.P.Mergle. Here you’ll find collections of my short stories and other pieces of fiction and non-fiction all handily organised into the menu to be read at your leisure. The latest short story can be found by scrolling down. You can also use the ‘tag cloud’ to browse the posts by genre.

Feedback and discussion on anything are thoroughly encouraged. You can do so either in the comments section on each post or page, or by using the ‘Ask the Author’ page located in the menu.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Review


Something quite different today, I’ve reviewed Epic Battle Fantasy 4 for The Indie Game Review. The game itself is a free flash game in the glorious RPG style that I love. For a more critical review check it out here:

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Review

The Indie Game Review is a new website, it’s only just starting but make sure to check out its blog section for some pretty interesting articles on current Indie Game news. There’s also a Gunpoint review and Trackmania 2 will be coming soon. Both reviewed by the site owner.

Edit: I’m afraid the link is dead, if I do more reviews in future however I will include this one with them.

New Picture & A New Look

My sister has very kindly made me a picture to go at the top of the blog and liven it up a bit. To celebrate I’ve picked out a new look for the entire blog as well. The main thing to note is that the navigation menu for finding my short stories is now located on the left side of the page and the whole thing should be smartphone and tablet friendly for those who are out and about.


Check out my sister’s watering cans here: CanCakeColours

And feel free to let me know what you think of the new look.

First Post

Welcome to my blog where I will be hosting my writing. It will be mostly short stories and mostly in the fantasy genre. But I might branch out and write a book on here or showcase my other writing endeavours.

Speaking of which if you are interested in speculative fiction and science fiction I have a short story in this collection all about what life in the future might be like. Available on amazon for your e-reading pleasure.